Thursday, September 9, 2010

So Ji Sub in HighCut Sept issue : More pictures

im adding more picture of High Cut, besides some translation, all mistakes are mine *shy face*

As always, click to enlarge ^^

Translation by Hind

1. 타투이스트가 소지섭의 팔뚝에 문신을 그리고 있다. 장장 2시간에 걸쳐 ‘대작’ 문신이 완성됐다
With the tatoo artist, having a tatoo on his forarm. the masterpiece tatoo took 2 hours to be completed.
2. ‘소간지’란 닉네임은 괜히 나온 게 아니었다. 무심하게 서 있는 모습조차 멋있었던 그.
His nickname "sogangi" did not come from nothing. He's having an outstanding & cool figure
3. 한 컷을 찍고 나면 말없이 다가와 모니터를 살펴봤다.
Once he heard the 'cut' , he silently approached the monitor
4. 그의 어깨에 ‘KINGDOM’이라 새긴 문신이 있었지만, 화보를 위해 또 다른 타투를 팔뚝에 그려 넣었다
He already has a "kingdom" tatoo on his shoulder , & for this photoshoot he's putting another tatoo on his forarm.

creditHigh Cut/Baidu

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