Saturday, September 11, 2010

[Fan Account] So Ji Sub @ signing event for "The Way"

Sharing dearest Saturn account she posted on soompi, im envying you girl !!!!

I went two sign event, COEX yesterday(Sep.10) and Gang Nam Kyobo today(Sep.11)
Both places are close to my house.
Yesterday, I went to COEX at 9:15am, before the bokstore is open (9:30), got numbering ticket, came home.
Then I went back at event time. In the morning, I wore just T-shirt, shorts, and flat sandal shoes.
But at event time in the evening, I did my hair, makeup, and wore one-piece dress. :D
(My eyes are purified by looking at Jisub, I don't want his eyes disturbed by looking at me.)
COEX event hall had high stage, so anyone on the passageway could see him.
So many people stopped their step and watched Jisub signing.

My short conversation with Jisub (Sep.10 COEX)
I: Hello, long time so see. I'm saturn.
Jisub: Uh? Ah! Eh! Oh... :)
I: (taking signed book) Stay healthy!
Jisub: Thanks.

This morning (Sep.11), it was almost same as yesterday.
It's saturday today, I thought I must go earlier, but actually I didn't. I went there about 8:50am.
My clothes are the same, T-shirt, shorts and flat sandal shoes.
As I arrived there, I could see the length of the line was two times longer than the day before.
At 1:30pm, I went back to the bookstore, wearing dress and high heals again.
This time, Jisub was in a small room, so only a few could see him.

It's my short conversation with Jisub today. (Sep.11 Gang Nam Kyobo)
I: Hi, I came again.
Jisub: Yes (signing on my book)
I: Don't take a rest too long, please do your next work quickly.
Jisub: (smiling so brightly) Yes, I am selecting now. (He extended his hand for a handshake) Thanks.


Delicia said...

very, very lovely story. i wished i could have seen him.

Hind said...

yes very lovely, i so much loved this part :
I: Hello, long time so see. I'm saturn.
Jisub: Uh? Ah! Eh! Oh... "
haha i can even see his expression in here ^^

atn3 said...

He really is a man of few words, uh? So happy for Saturn :)

victoriafashionhair said...

wow ... that is very sweet and happiness for you were so lucky to meet him to twice....hihi..
thank you for sharing ....