Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[Translation] So Ji Sub in Movieweek interview 14092010

Here's the translation of the first interview So Ji Sub had with Movieweek last 14 september. All mistakes are mine. Hope it's understandable.

Translation by Hind

"So Ji Sub Road" So Ji Sub comfortable walk

Q. Road Number One has completed to air last july & you seem very busy.
A. Drama filming ended in June because it's a pre-production work. Afterwards, I did get busy working on my advertising & photoshoots. Of course, besides the travel to Gangwon Province.

Q. "So Ji Sub Road" is a photo essay. it has photos here & there with written pieces done by yourself. Do you have the habit to write down daily journal ( diary)?
A. Im not good at writing, but i slowly/gradually began to write in preparation of this book. Nowadays, there are a lot of tools that can help one easily write a lot like cell phones & notebooks.

Q. There are not many actors who have the chance to write something. Were there any study process ?
A. Because i tried to write. I mean, writing was not forced, i wanted to write down my thoughts in a light way. In that sense, i did 'caring' writing .

Q. Was it the first time for you to visit Gangwon province?
A. I remember being there before but not personnally, at many times i was with fellow actors & stuff. I did not had time to tour around because of work.

Q. You're an Incheon native. How different is it from back home?
A. In Incheon, you can enjoy watching the sea endlessly , but there is no place where you can see the mountains. While this time it's over 1800 meters above the sea level, there are mountains, rivers, lakes, sea and other kinds of natural scenery, i really enjoyed this variety of nature.I visited Peonchibol ( Coastal bassin), we had to take permission from the Ministry of Environment. Really "very beautiful !"

Q. In the beginning of the book, you reveal the hope "with no face to face, wearing slippers to go out and no one to recognize my place " . But this is not the end of travel in the Gangwon-do, did not it end up as a nice pectorial tour with the different genres of clothes ?
A. At least, it's not the same as in acting , it showed me the way i am.To put together a trip like this, while having comfortable conversation with all my "guests" as well as enjoying the surrounding landscapes. When shooting pictorial for magazines and advertisments would be different. It did feels like a comfortable rest for my mind rather than work.

Q. There were Tiger JK, the cartonnist Park Jae, the novelist Lee Wes, photographer Lee Eun and seven other guests. Was it your first encounter with all of them, except Tiger Jk?
A. I have read about them in books & saw them on Tv, i felt much more comfortable with them in person. We talked so much, that was the most memorable event : seeing such places with such gifted guests. One day , we were very concerned about the weather for filming , we had already sought for permission from the Environment ministry. But we had a foggy landscape and a storm was ready to blow, we were forced to wait untill it calms down. Fortunately the sheduled shooting with Professor Park Jae became possible in the afternoon.

credit movieweek


tan said...

Thanks, Hind. I've a question, can our idol So Ji Sub speak English??? How much the photobook "The Way" costs?? In won??

Hind said...

you're welcome dear Tan ^^
As far as i know, Jisub just knows the basics of English, like 'hi'... he dont really speaks english except the lines he uses in his dramas, remember he said 2 sentences if im right in Cain & Abel when he was in the hospital in china ^^
the photobook in Kyobo costs 17820Won..