Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Ji Sub Gets His Own Road

another article from dear Dahee's blog with more info ^^

So Ji Sub is getting a road named after him! Plans are in the works for a 51 km-long road in Kangwon Province, set to finish building in the summer of 2012. This road will be named "So Ji Sub Road", and will be similar to other famous roads such as Jeju Island's Olle Road and Jiri Mountain's Dullae Road (which was featured in a recent episode of 1 Night 2 Days), in that one will be able to hike the trail while enjoying the natural beauty of Kangwon Province. Various resting places will be built along the trail, as well as the "So Ji Sub Gallery". So Ji Sub is the first Korean celebrity to have an entire road named after him.

The fact that the trail will be 51 km in length is significant since 51 is So Ji Sub's favourite number, and is included in the name of his management company 51K. So also recently released a travel photoessay titled
The Road that told the story of his recent trip to Kangwon Province, and was subsequently named the first Korean ambassador of the province in an effort to boost tourism there.


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