Friday, September 3, 2010

So Ji Sub @ signing event for "The Way"

Today is a Good Day , we've come to see Jisub twice *wide smile* now he's come to the first signing event for his photobook..
as ive seen through the pix, there were plenty of fans out there waiting for him, he must be happy, he's all smiles today..he did sweat a lot as usual kkk...lucky fans, they could talk to him, take pix with him, shake hands with him, see him..aaaah im dying in this far away place im living in *cry*

with the lucky fans ^^

soooooooooooo sweeeeeeet

well that's a hell lucky daring lady, dont we envy her????? such a shy guy like him is so shocked kkkk

credit on pic


victoriafashionhair said...

I really hope ... how i have the signing of him in my book....

atn3 said...

lol That's some bold lady. So funny. He seemed a lot happier and healthier!