Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Ji Sub earns his own road in Kangwon-do

haha ive read about this yesterday before i go sleep, such a beautiful recognition for Jisub, im so proud of him, he must be happy ^^

Actor So Ji Sub will be the first celebrity ever to get his own road named after him.

The “So Ji Sub Road” is 51km long and will be paved in Kangwon-do. Construction will begin this winter with the goal of completing it by the summer of 2012. Through this road, tourists will be able to experience the beauty of Kangwon-do’s “gift of nature.” A 5.1km long hiking trail will be included along with a So Ji Sub gallery.

So Ji Sub first showed off the beauty of Kangwon-do through this book, “The Road of So Ji Sub,” and helped introduce the many charms of the city. He was then appointed the tourist ambassador of Kangwondo for his efforts.

Representative of Kangwon-do stated, “Thanks to So Ji Sub, the image of Kangwon-do has improved drastically. ‘The Road of So Ji Sub’ will be an opportunity to get Kangwon-do’s beautiful forests more widely known to not only Korea but overseas as well.”

Source: Daily Sports/AllKpop

Photos: Hankyung, Sports World

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