Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[Pix, Transl.] So Ji Sub in Hello Tv

as planned, Hello Tv september issue is out on the 1st, thanx to dearest Mariko for the pix ^^
these are huge pix, click to all ehbvbfutgkj from his hotness kkk

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EDIT : adding the translation of the captures aboven done by dearest Dahee @ JSA

Tidbits from his interview in this magazine, thanks to the captures uploaded here:

-Jisub talks about how many people really enjoyed his drama "We're Dating Now", and how many of his fans want him to act another cute character like the one he played there. He also says that the drama is very special to him because the character was so similar to himself and he was able to really invest in a character for the first time.
-He feels bad about taking on just dark characters and sad dramas for the past few years, and he plans to play a cheerful character in a happy drama for his next project.
-Of all the sad endings of his dramas, he felt the most pain over the ending of "I'm Sorry, I Love You". He felt so sorry for all the characters, and longed for them all to be able to live happily.
-He talks about "Road No. 1", and argues that filming 100% of a drama before broadcast is the right way to go, and that in the past, when receiving scripts written on the fly, he'd wondered if he were an actor or a machine going through the motions. He trusts that even though Road No. 1 isn't being acknowledged right now, that it will be after it ends.
-He wants to be called an "actor" until the day he dies. In order to hear people simply calling him an "actor" and no other fancy title, he'll continue to act with the utmost sincerity.
-He talks about becoming the model for energy drink Hanburi recently, and talks about the filming of the CF. He says it felt like he was shooting an action movie, and that it was so hard that he had to rest the entirety of the next day. He's glad he got to be the drink's model since he drank it often even before he signed the contract, and that people are showing very good reactions to his being the model.
-During the filming of the Hanburi CF, one of the extras got fired for his poor acting skills. Seeing this, Jisub stepped in and asked the director to allow the extra to stay on. He even personally gave the extra acting tips in order to do better. He says he remembered the days when he was a newbie and really had it hard because of his bad acting skills, and that he worried that this experience would become a painful memory for the extra. He also felt that he'd be more comfortable filming with someone familiar, rather than a new person.
-He talks about the kimchi refrigerator CF he shot with Yoo Seung Ho, and says: "Phew, I'm really sorry to Seung-ho. We're 17 years apart, so we're more like a father and son, but people say we look similar, so I feel really sorry to him. (laughs) Besides, Seung-ho is way more good-looking than I am." Two years ago, when they filmed the music video "Lonely Life" together, Jisub approached Seung-ho, held his hands, and said with a smile: "Seung-ho, I'm so sorry to you. You're so good-looking (yet you're compared to someone like me)." Since then, the two of them have maintained a good relationship like real brothers.

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