Monday, September 27, 2010

[Love Letter] Chu Seok greeting

We have another Love letter from So Ji Sub dated on the 26th September@ 14:10:39 ^^

추석들은 잘 보내셨나요? 이제 날씨도 선선하고 가을이 오는가 봅니다.
드디어 작품을 결정했습니다. 하지만... 아직은 비밀!
이제는 옛날처럼 아! 이거 재밌겠다 하고 결정하지 못하고 이것저것 생각할 것이 너무 많아서.. 아는게 많아져서 힘드네요. 어른이 된다는 것도 이런 거겠구나 싶고, 이제 앞으로 더 힘들어 지겠지 싶고..... 생각이 많은 가을입니다.
작품은요 궁금해도 조금만 참아주세요. 조만간 다 정리되면 발표할께요.
곧 작품으로 돌아올거라고 빨리 알려주고 싶었습니다.
이제 저도 슬슬 작품들어갈 준비로 정신없어 지겠네요.
다들 감기조심하구요.
응원해주는 목소리 다 들었어요.
너무 감사합니다.


Translation by dear saturn

Did you have nice Chu Seok? The weather is cool, it really is Autumn.
Finally I decided my next work. But... it's a secrete yet!
I can't decide like I did before, such as 'Ah it looks funny'. I have so many things to consider.
It's getting harder as I know more things.
I guess becoming a grown-up is like this, things will be harder from now on... So many things to think at this Autumn.
Although you are curious, please endure more, I will announce it if things are organized.
I just wanted to let you know quickly that I come back soon with my new work.
I will become busy as I start preparing for new work.
Please be careful not to catch a cold.
I've heard all of you guys' voice cheering me up.
I really appreciate it.
.So Ji Sub.

aaaaaaaah we're gonna see him in a splendid work soon *jumping with joy*


Pajhoua said...

i am excited...I can't wait for his next movie or drama. his letter to us made me want to cry. It's been so long since we've heard from him. I can't believe he wrote to us. ekkeekke :) ***CRIES***...makes me happy he thought of us fans....

observer said...

what a sincere message! Like a letter from a classmate or neighboring's oppa, cares about our health... touching! He must be exciting with his new task but can not release anything to the public