Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Written Preview of Master Sun Episode 14

Official Written Preview of Episode 14:

태공실은 자신을 기억하지 못하는 주군 때문에 겨우겨우 마음을 추스리는데 죽을 거 같다. 새 로운 마음으로 대학 복학을 결심하는데, 갑자기 영매사 고여사가 찾아와 죽은 처녀들을 모아달 라고 하고...

Since JooGoon can't remember her, Tae Gong Shil barely holds up her heart in place, but feels like dying. When she is determined to reinstate into university as a new start, spirit matchmaker Madame Go suddenly appears and asks her to gather dead girls (virgins) and......

(c) SBS
Translated by: Soompi Thread

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