Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[Video/Translation] SBS Master's Sun 주군의 태양 Episode 11 Preview]

Credit : DramaSBS
Translation (credot : soompi) :

GS: "Are we going to hold...

hands like this and go on a

JW: "Missing (her) when we
separate, and worrying too"

JW: "Going to stick by you"

LJH: "Do you know my father?"

LJH: "Is it you?"

JW: "Get this clear. This is

Chairman Lee: "Don't touch!!"

'HeeJoo's sis' : "Does JW have a

JW: "That woman..."

KW: "Are you ok?"

JW: "Has no pride"

GS: "Stop bugging me get lost"

JW: "Even though I said I love her"

GS: "I said get lost!"

JW: "I must take care of her"

GS: "It's very painful"

JW: "That's why"

GS: "It's very painful you

JW: "It's safe"

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Akira Dania said...

Wow..that's video is so cute...I really enjoyed watching it after going this video translation and thanks for adding it's translated version here.