Friday, September 6, 2013

[Article/Spoiler] The Master’s Sun Episode 10 Review: Gong Hyo Jin Tells Seo In Guk “I Like So Ji Seob”

In The Master’s Sun, episode 10, Tae Gong Sil(played by Gong Hyo Jin) told Kang Woo(played by Seo In Guk) that she liked Joo Joong Won(played by So Ji Seob).
As Joong Won appeared with a fiance, Gong Sil got heartbroken. Woo noticed this, and came to comfort her. Gong Sil then found out through Woo that Joong Won came when she was possessed with the ghost of Luis Jang’s wife. She said, “Maybe the ghost met with Joong Won, and told him that I like him.” Woo was heartbroken as he heard this.
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