Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Article] So Ji Sub catches some sleep in between breaks at filming for ‘Master’s Sun’

The production team of SBS TV Wed-Thu drama ‘Master’s Sun’ has recently revealed photos of lead actor So Ji Sub catching some sleep at the film set.
So Ji Sub plays the role of the arrogant and egoistic CEO, Joo Joong Won. So Ji Sub was seen catching up on some sleep in between breaks at filming, even if it’s just a minute. It was reported that because So Ji Sub has so many scenes to film, he can only afford 2 – 3 hours of sleep a day. So regardless of whether it's the film set or resting room, So Ji Sub will most probably be in dreamland. During his break, So Ji Sub will be resting on the bed, and still have his script by his side.
Fans and netizens commented, “Undoubtedly So Ji Sub, still looking so good despite being asleep,” “Definitely a model actor who still has his script with him despite taking a nap,” “The master still is so charming when he is asleep.”

By: General News Team

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