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[Article] Master’s Sun preempts Wednesday episode for holiday

September 17, 2013

Just a heads up: There’ll be no Master’s Sun this Wednesday. Boo. Hiss. After much, MUCH vacillation, SBS has finally(?) decided to preempt Wednesday’s episode of in favor of Chuseok programming. Which is understandable, since Chuseok (which falls on Thursday) is one of the biggest holidays in Korea, and regularly scheduled television programming during that week is often pushed in favor of specials and movies.

It would sting a little less if SBS hadn’t been so wishy-washy for weeks deciding what to do with Master’s Sun, which was maybe getting an extension, then no definitely NOT getting an extension, then still talking about extensions, and NOT preempting, and then preempting after all. The show set to follow, Heirs, had originally planned for an October 2 premiere but pushed that back to October 9 in the past week or two. SBS stated that it could slot in a short drama special for a week, back when they were saying Master wasn’t getting extended.

Master’s Sun will air Episode 13 on Thursday, and will not air 14 this week. That puts the show off pattern for the rest of its run, prompting the question of whether SBS will extend by one more episode so the final week gets two full hours. Huh, what a handy way to get an extra episode out of a show that wasn’t going to give it, I’m just sayin’. Over on MBC, Two Weeks will air both episodes as scheduled. KBS will be airing Chuseok specials this week, and new melodrama Secret premieres next week.

The Master’s Sun preemption is particularly frustrating given that last week’s Episode 12 cliffhanger was a heckuva nail-biter — what a terrible way to leave us hanging. Feel free to vent, but an earnest plea: NO SPOILERS! That includes Episode 13 preview talk, though spoiler-free speculation is fair game. Don’t make me go over there.

If you must, please be considerate of spoiler-phobes among us and use spoiler tags:

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