Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[Article] So Ji Sub, Kong Hyo Jin revealed the tension-filled shooting scene

Sep 13, 2013
A shooting scene of the Master’s Sun, which and Kong Hyo Jin were assaulted by a suspicious fellow, was presented to the public.
The scene will be aired in the 12th episode on Sept. 12. With closed eyes in her girlfriend’s arms, So is stabbed in the back to be drenched in his blood and Kong weeps, which adds more tension to the drama.
“Suspicious fellow attack scene” was shot in a car repair shop in Ilsan on Sept. 10. The action scene, which was filled with weapons, blood and fighting with mysterious guy, was totally different with usual and created great tension.
The smile disappeared, two actors was totally immersed in their role staying focus the scene. In particular, the 33-year-old actress controled her emotion by herself in the corner of the set to play her character crying out in shock. She poured out her feelings in a flood of tears to make crews be filled with sorrow and grief.
On the other hand, the 35-year-old actor prepared three spare suits of clothes for attack scene. The meticulous actor, who brought extra clothes just in case, was highly praised by staff members.
Meanwhile, Han-na (Hwang Seon-hee) from the 11th episode on Sept. 11 has drawn big attention of viewers.
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chakita babe said...

This episode was so hard to watch. What happened to JJW was so sad and TGS's pain was felt enormously. Congratulations on such an amazing romcom thus far. "The Masters Sun" has been worth the wait this year, it has exceeded my expectations and it will be sad to see it end (sigh!). Best wishes and much success to all those involved in this amazing romcom. SJS, looking forward to your next challenge..thank you, blessings!!