Thursday, September 5, 2013

[Article] Dress Like Joo Joong Won from “The Master’s Sun”

So Ji Sub’s portrayal of the arrogant Joo Joong Won in SBS TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Master’s Sun” has become the topic of great discussion amongst viewers. His character, which is both harsh, yet charismatic, has proven popular amongst the drama’s audience, but it seems much of his charisma stems from his fashion choices. The stylist has done well using the characters’ fashion choices to reflect their characters’ personalities. In the most recent episode Gong Hyo Jin wears simple clothes paired with sandals to reflect her cute character and that vanity is the least of her concerns. So Ji Sub is more dressy, but his brightly-coloured suit reflects his innermost warmth of character.

# Simple, Bold Colours Transform the Man

Add his sharply masculine facial features to his tall stature and perfect proportions, So Ji Sub can easily seem too conventional in an ordinary suit. But, the drama’s stylist has given him a more fashionable vibe by adding colour to his wardrobe. In the sixth episode, So Ji Sub wears an orange blazer over a lemon coloured shirt, showing his good fashion sense. His character also has an eye for subtle details, adding a scarg and small handkerchief. All these details transform an otherwise average outfit into one that reflects his capable, yet quirky, character.

# Joo Joong Won Proves Even Comfortable Clothes can be Fashionable

So Ji Sub’s casual fashion also merits mention. In the fourth episode, Gong Hyo Jin’s body is possessed by the ghost of So Ji Sub’s first love, allowing them to have their first conversation since she died during their childhood. In the scene, So Ji Sub wears a loose shirt, which not only appears well-matched with his blue trousers, but also with Gong Hyo Jin’s white night dress. Thus, So Ji Sub’s shirt is reminiscent of the pair’s childhood innocence, and gives off a sweetheart vibe.

In another scene where he wakes after a bad dream, So Ji Sub wears a striped sweater which accentuates his broad shoulders and chest. The striped sweater is a classic fashion item, suitable for any style and can be worn by any demographic, from the college student to the office worker, alike.

By: Kang Da Ryung

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