Thursday, September 5, 2013

[Video/Translation] Master's Sun Preview EP 10

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Ep. 10 Preview Translated by Softy

KW greets JW’s dad at the airport and says are you saying Cha Hee Joo is alive? the dad says I think she is somewhere close now

SR: who are you? did you call me?

KW puts his arm around GS and says I will use you.

GS to JW: before you tell me to get lost I will leave first. JW: wait a minute. get lost.

JW: enough to ruin my wedding – do you think you are important ?

GS to KW: I cant be candy. KW: but you are being ignored. GS: I cant (live) without the president. KW: doesn’t it hurt? GS: I like him

JW: why didn’t you come to me? GS:I have to go

credit : soompi

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