Friday, August 16, 2013

[Video] 주군의태양 Master's Sun Preview Ep 5

Credit : SBSNOW1
Translation by Viki :
Ji Sub: If I'm not here you think you're gonna die from being scared right?
Hyo Jin: Will you go with me?...

Ji Sub: For me, if you're not here, it just feels a little lacking?

Seo In Guk: Do you borrow money from loan sharks?
Hyo Jin: A ghost... theres one next to Kang Ho as well..
The woman: If you find him the right partner, he'll be able to leave peacefully.That lady should do.

Jisub: She is an important worker of mine. Get out of there. Tae Gong Shil!
Hyo Jin: Open. CEO.. Go in..
Hyo Jin: The person that likes me...
Jisub: Settle on friendship.
Hyo Jin: He said he'll gather up courage for me.

Seo In Guk: I started to want to know you.
A man 's voice: A love triangle!
Hyo Jin: I want to try going there. I'll go there!

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