Thursday, August 22, 2013

[Video/Translation] Master's Sun Ep6 Preview [주군의태양]


Credit : SBSNOW1
translation :

JW: do well with Kang-Candy (as in refering to kangwoo's character)
TY: I can see ghosts....

KW: people who say such things are the people who I hate and are pathetic.
SC: there is a huge dog in Kingdom
JW: that dead dog --- (I couldn't make out what he was whispering..)
TY: I'm just going to pretend I didn't see it.
JW: when I say leave. leave.
TY: CEO... do you possibly....?
JW: If I say don't go... Don't you dare go.
TY: Can you not read?
JW: Why don't you just listen to me!?
It's a... it's a gun!
JW: Tae Gong Si!? Tae Gong Si!
JW: you properly washed your hair, you changed your clothes, and makeup...
TY: I guess I'm am just a crazy woman.
JW: I'll hold onto you.... So just hold on.
Cr: Soompi

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