Friday, August 30, 2013

[Article/Spoiler] So Ji sub and Kong Hyo jin shares each other’s heart with their heartbeat

In Master’s Sun, So Ji sub found him to fall in love with Kong Hyo jin due to his increased heart beat.
The 7th episode of SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama Master’s Sun (written by Hong Jeong-eun, Hong Mi-ran, directed by Jin Hyeok) aired on August 28 was number one ratings with 17.2 percent (by Nielsen Media Research, Nationwide) at the same time.
Joo Joong-won (So Ji-sub), who denied his romantic feeling, eventually became fascinated by Kong Hyo-jin (Tae Kong-sil)’s charm with his rapid beating of the heart, which raised viewer’s expectations about their real love story.
Joo Joong-won gave Kong Hyo-jin permission to touch him from his wrist to elbow called “Tae Kong-sil Zone” saying that he is in danger of falling into her and he needs space to keep him from her. The man ordered her not to touch him except the “Tae Kong-sil Zone” when she is too scared. However, the woman appealed to him again and again telling her story that she had kept for a long time.
When he knew her making efforts to solve a problem, he dashed to her without any hesitation. Although he told her to get out of his face a million times, he tried to crack the case with her at critical moment. “Don’t feel guilty about me. Good Job, Tae Kong-sil.” He praised her. He was really sorry for her wound on her forehead and took her to the hospital. After the treatment, he made unreserved comment. “I strived to kick you out of my space. But one day I realized that I was already in your world. I have made desperate efforts to get out of there until now. But today in the police cell I learned that I cannot turn back.”
“I don’t attract you. do you?” Tae Kong-sil told her boss holding his face. In response, he took her hand to his chest and said, “I’m not a marble statue as you think.”
“Telescope Hug“ of the two attracted the eyes of viewers. Kong-sil wanted to see the world where Joong-won lives through a telescope and he aimed the telescope at a single area to hug her from behind. There are high expectations for the episode 8 which will depict real and ardent love between female and male protagonists on August 29.
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