Saturday, August 24, 2013

[Video/Translation] 주군의 태양 "Master's Sun" Ep 7 Preview

Credit : DramaSBS
Preview Ep 7 (English Translation)

Joo Woong: From here to here is Tae Gong Shil zone
In Tae Gong Shil zone, there won't be any more conversations after "but"

Gong Sil: Are you making a scene right now?
Joong Won: Get lost.
Gong Sil: Kang Woo!
Joong Won: Go date the sweet Candy Kang.

Kids : Back and forth, back and forth!
Kids: Rock, paper, scissors!
Let's be friends!
Kids: Rock, paper, scissors!
Kids: Take us with you.

Gong Sil: There are weird kids
His Mom: Get out of my house!
Gong Sil: You don't know how scared I was.
Joong Won: I'm scared of you. I don't want to be invovled with you.

Kang Woo: (look at picture): Cha Hee Joo
Joong Won: I don't think it should continue any further.
Joong Won: Tae Gong Shil, you're over.

Credit: Viki via FB

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