Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[Article] So Ji-Sub and Gong Hyo-Jin ‘Master’s Sun’, the reason for the hit!

‘Master’s Sun’ which had noticed its hit by the second episode, catches viewers as a ‘Well-made drama’, different from other dramas. SBS ‘Master’s Sun’ first aired on 7th shows soaring viewing rates, 15% for the second broadcast.
Viewers reacted enthusiastically, saing that the ‘Rocomic Horror’ with fun, charge, and an inventive story, appeared. The drama is evaluated that the viewing rates of ‘Master’s Sun’ is made by perfect synergy of firm story of Hong Ja-Mae, production ability of Jin Hyuk, and the best actors including So Ji-Sub and Gong Hyo-Jin.
Also ‘Master’s Sun’ completes lively drama that satisfys ‘Eyes and Ears’ by sensitive background music and special makeup-CG. Especially background music is recorded by musicians in the Czech Republic, the home of classic music. The changeable scene, colors, and ghosts catch viewers’ eyes.
Jin Hyuk the producer said, “Normal dramas concentrate on story and lines. I tried to get out of such dramas, having equal proportion of ‘Music-picture-line’” and “’Master’s Sun’ has equal story and visual.”

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