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[Article] ‘Master’s sun’, So Ji-sub and Kong Hyo-jin whisper to each other in front of a fountain

August 9th, 2013
In ‘Master’s sun’, the scene, in which So Ji-sub and Kong Hyo-jin whisper to each other in front of a fountain, has attracted so much attention.
SBS drama ‘Master’s sun’ (written by Hong Jeong-eun, Hong Mi-ran, directed by Jin Hyeok) was at the top of the ratings at 14.8% outranking all the other dramas on Wednesday in metropolitan area by Nielsen Media Research. This is 5% higher ratings than the first episode of ‘I hear your voice’, which was first aired on June 5 and went off the air last week.
Many viewers has kept their eyes on this lovable couple, So and Kong from the first episode. And the most perfect drama couple is supposed to show another fantastic scene in front of a fountain over mysterious event of complex shopping mall Kingdom in the second episode.
The shoot a scene, in which Tae Kong-sil (Kong Hyo-jin) working as a cleaner in the Kingdom and Joo Joong-won (So Ji-sub) who owns Kingdom exchange their eyes and whisper to each other in front of a fountain, is stimulated viewer’s curiosity.
In the first episode, Kong-sil tried to touch Joong-won again and again, since she found some hopes to redeem herself. But Joong-won expressed his anger at her who caused breaking off the engagement between Tae I-ryeong (Kim Yoo-ri-I) and Hye-seong (Jin I-han) and also made a big loss for Kingdom.
Love story between Joong-won, who hates whoever touches his body and covets what belongs to him, and desperate Kong-sil is causing viewers wonder what happens in the upcoming episode.
The whistle scene shot in a complex in Gyeonggi-do on July 4. Kong did not put on any makeup for her cleaner character, which was up all night with ghost. She really enjoyed shooting despite of shabby clothes and naked face.
So made all staff members surprise giving a great performance with his scathing tongue in the scene. He was constantly rehearsing his lines with different tones and no sooner had filming begun than he spat venom. At the moment, the site was cloaked in silence.
“So-Kong couple’s continuing fame already proved that they are the most perfect drama couple in the first episode.”, “Their passionate performance helps improve quality of ‘Master’s sun’. Two actors will show their true colors with each episode.” Bon Factory, a production company, told the reporter.
Meanwhile, SBS drama ‘Master’s sun’, which first aired August 7, was number one in the ratings with its first episode. The episode2 will be aired at 10:00pm on August 8.

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