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Vivien Wallpapers for July

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[Video] So Ji Sub @ Ghost (유령) making

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So Ji Sub in Vivien

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[Article/Spoiler] 'Ghost' Game-changing Revelation About Kim Woo Hyun Exposed

June 28, 2012
A shocking revelation about the dead Kim Woo Hyun (played by So Ji Sub) has been exposed.

On the 9th episode of the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Ghost' that aired on the 27th, Park Ki Young (also played by So Ji Sub) is astonished that the dead Kim Woo Hyun had already found the key to blowing the Nam Sang Won murder case wide open.
Park Ki Young had suspected the deceased's wife, Kim Eun Sook, as the murderer, as she had receieved a large payout from her husband's life insurance and opposed an autopsy on the body after the murder. His suspicion only grew upon visiting Kim Eun Sook, who insisted that her husband's death was "clearly due to excessive strain. He was found lying in bed. It must have been a heart attack in his sleep."

However, Park Ki Young soon realizes that her strange behavior stems from being surveillanced, as Kim Eun Sook steps in front of his car after and tells him, "I have something to tell you." He takes her to a remote location where they won't be watched or wiretapped.
Upon being assured that she is no longer under surveillance, Kim Eun Sook reveals that "within minutes of requesting an autopsy, I got a phone call saying my daughter was involved in a collision. It wasn't just that one time. Every time I tried to discover the truth behind my husband's death, someone started a fire or broke in... and that wasn't the end of it."
Kim Eun Sook continues, "I've found bugs and removed them but they would be replaced immediately somehow. For a year after my husband died I've been living under tight surveillance."
When Park Ki Young asks in response, "Is that why you sent your daughters abroad? Why are you telling me this all of a sudden?", Kim Eun Sook replies, "Because you are Kim Woo Hyun."
She reveals that her husband had given Kim Woo Hyun his laptop that contains the evidence pointing to the killer, stunning Park Ki Young.
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[Article/Spoiler] "Ghost - Drama" from Sin Hyo-jeong to Kim Woo-hyeon, side blow

Eom Gi-joon and Myeong Gye-nam, the fight for dominance between the two evils are created innocent victims.

SBS drama "Ghost - Drama" showed Jo Hyeon-min (Eom Gi-joon) trying to take over the head of Segang Group and Jo Kyeong-sin (Myeong Kye-nam) trying to stop this.
Jo Kyeong-sin and Jo Hyeon-min had a debate about Jo Jae-min, who was a likely murder suspect of the CK Electronics chairman Nam Sang-won, and his deal. This was a council on the outside but actually it was a fight to see what they were really thinking.
Kyeong-sin and Hyeon-min didn't spare each other one bit. Kyeong-sin said, "It would've been better if you just pretended to be the pet or something" and Hyeon-min said, "Segang is actually mine".
This fight had gone over the line a long time ago. They had been killing innocent people like the actress Sin Hyo-jeong, Nam Sang-won from CK Electronics, commoners, Kim Woo hyeon and others just so they could take over a group.
Not only that, Hyeon-min and Kyeong-sin were using their wealth as authority and bringing policemen and prosecutors on to their side, as well as specific people to kill, hack and manipulate stock.
Meanwhile, it seems like this fight is going to get even muddier. Hyeon-min had been maneuvering discreetly until now but now as they found out what they were really thinking, they might not care about ways and means.
Will the cyber investigations team be able to face these powerful evils and stop them from creating anymore innocent victims?
Source : ( Anglais ) / hancinema

So Ji Sub in Various press pix

On the last 6 ,7 & 8 June, SJS went to Japan for the promotions of his movie "Only you" & had some interviews with the japanese are some pix revealed recently ^^




[Download link] "Ghost" Episode -10- (28.06.2012)

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[Download link] "Ghost" Episode -9- (27.06.2012)

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[Article/Spoiler] "Ghost - Drama" Kwak Byeong-gyoo and So Ji-sub starts joint investigation

Rivals Kwak Byeong-gyoo and So Ji-sub have started joint investigations.
Kwon Hyeok-joo (Kwak Byeong-gyoo) and Kim Woo-hyeon (So Ji-sub) joined hands to solve the murder of chairman Nam Sang-won of CK Electronics on the ninth episode of the SBS drama "Ghost - Drama".
Kwon and Kim ran into each other at chairman Nam's house while investigating the case. They kept a distance from each other but Kwon's car had a flat tire so he said to ride along with Kim Woo-hyeon. Then suddenly, a desperate man's voice was heard from the radio saying, "Sekang is watching everyone" and decided to join investigations.
While analyzing the voice at the relevant broadcasting system, Woo-hyeon realized that was the voice of chairman Nam's driver and found a bug in the missing driver's home. There were bugs in the car and everywhere else related to Nam.
Nam's wife told him, "My husband wanted an autopsy when he died but every time he did something bad would happen like my daughter got into an accident so we had to conclude it as a natural death. We have been watched for a year".
When the culprits knew their bugs were caught they hurriedly moved to move the driver somewhere else and Kwon Hyeok-joo and Yoo Kang-mi followed them. The driver was held captive in a mental hospital. He found the ambulance they were in a arrested the kidnappers and asked the driver what he saw on the day Nam Sang-won was killed.
However, full of fear the driver said, "I didn't see anything. The police can't catch him. He will never be caught"
At the end of the episode, Kwon Hyeok-joo arrested Jo Jae-min (Lee Jae-yoon-I) and not Jo Hyeon-min (Eom Gi-joon) as the suspect of the Nam Sang-won murder and Jo Hyeon-min smiled a creepy smile as he watched Jo Jae-min being arrested.
Source : ( Anglais )/ hancinema

[Video] So Ji Sub & choi daniel @ Ghost Making

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[Article] So Ji Sub's Secret Behind His Flawless Acting

June 27, 2012 

"You just have to fall in love with the script."
So Ji Sub revealed the secret behind his flawless acting, which has been drawing attention in the hit SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Ghost'. With his convincing acting and perfect portrayal of his character Kim Woo Hyun, a member of a police cyber investigative unit, So Ji Sub has captured audiences' minds and hearts.
Behind his acting is his constant repetition of rehearsing the script over and over again to the point of perfection, not even letting go of the script for one moment to achieve realism and believability. So Ji Sub is known to study his script over and over until it is tattered, and to stay focused even during breaks to stay in character and have the same mindset as when the camera is rolling.
This not only includes looking over his lines and memorizing them, but constant conversation with the director to bring the smallest details to life. In addition, he studies his co-stars' acting to better understand their acting style so that he may achieve a more comfortable chemistry when acting with them.
Because his character Kim Woo Hyun is a meticulous, intellectual individual as the main server of the cyber investigative unit, So Ji Sub especially trains on his concentration and focus; the use of technical terms pertinent to the occupation, as well as a constant air of sharpness and attentiveness to every detail is a demanding challenge to which So Ji Sub has risen marvelously, earning him praise for his "flawless acting".
This method of practicing and acting has not gone unnoticed by fans of 'Ghost'; viewers have taken to forums to praise his acting, claiming, "So Ji Sub is a great actor. His strong gaze and voice deliver his emotions well", "I respect the passion in So Ji Sub's acting. I can tell his genuineness in his eyes", and "Sometimes I can't tell if that man is Kim Woo Hyun or So Ji Sub. How much do you have to practice if you want to achieve near-100% synchronization acting?"
The fans are not the only ones enamored with the actor. An official with the drama says that "There is no such thing as 'mediocre' in So Ji Sub's vocabulary", and that "for every scene, he gives his all as if he really has become Kim Woo Hyun and Park Ki Young. His acting is a huge part of creating a successful drama. That is why there are a lot of proud moments when working with So Ji Sub."
Credit : en.koreaportal 

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[Article] Park Yong Ha Japanese Fans Gather to Cherish His Memory

it's june *cry*

Japanese fans gathered to cherish the memory of actor Park Yong Ha, who passed away on June, 2010. The fans gathered at “Tokyo’s Space Shower TV The Diner” from June 19 to 26. The event was titled, “Park Yong Ha Café – Our 2923 Days.” The event opened 27 times for 8 days. Nearly 8,000 fans came to eat together and watch clips that remembered him.
Park Yong Ha’s mother arrived at the event on the second and last day and stated, “June is the month that Park Yong Ha debuted in Japan, it is also the month that he had his last concert. That is why it is also a painful month. Today is a meeting to remind us that June does not only have a sad memory but good ones as well.”
On June 30, nearly 1,200 fans will come to South Korea in order to cherish the memory of Park Yong Ha.
Credit : soompi