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[Article] So Ji Sub's Secret Behind His Flawless Acting

June 27, 2012 

"You just have to fall in love with the script."
So Ji Sub revealed the secret behind his flawless acting, which has been drawing attention in the hit SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Ghost'. With his convincing acting and perfect portrayal of his character Kim Woo Hyun, a member of a police cyber investigative unit, So Ji Sub has captured audiences' minds and hearts.
Behind his acting is his constant repetition of rehearsing the script over and over again to the point of perfection, not even letting go of the script for one moment to achieve realism and believability. So Ji Sub is known to study his script over and over until it is tattered, and to stay focused even during breaks to stay in character and have the same mindset as when the camera is rolling.
This not only includes looking over his lines and memorizing them, but constant conversation with the director to bring the smallest details to life. In addition, he studies his co-stars' acting to better understand their acting style so that he may achieve a more comfortable chemistry when acting with them.
Because his character Kim Woo Hyun is a meticulous, intellectual individual as the main server of the cyber investigative unit, So Ji Sub especially trains on his concentration and focus; the use of technical terms pertinent to the occupation, as well as a constant air of sharpness and attentiveness to every detail is a demanding challenge to which So Ji Sub has risen marvelously, earning him praise for his "flawless acting".
This method of practicing and acting has not gone unnoticed by fans of 'Ghost'; viewers have taken to forums to praise his acting, claiming, "So Ji Sub is a great actor. His strong gaze and voice deliver his emotions well", "I respect the passion in So Ji Sub's acting. I can tell his genuineness in his eyes", and "Sometimes I can't tell if that man is Kim Woo Hyun or So Ji Sub. How much do you have to practice if you want to achieve near-100% synchronization acting?"
The fans are not the only ones enamored with the actor. An official with the drama says that "There is no such thing as 'mediocre' in So Ji Sub's vocabulary", and that "for every scene, he gives his all as if he really has become Kim Woo Hyun and Park Ki Young. His acting is a huge part of creating a successful drama. That is why there are a lot of proud moments when working with So Ji Sub."
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