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[Article] 'Ghost' So Ji Sub: "I Didn't Know I Was The Father Either"

JUNE 12, 2012 

"I found out So Ji Sub is the father through watching TV."
The comment, from actor and fellow 'Ghost' cast member Kwak Do Won, sums up the atmosphere of surprise surrounding the SBS miniseries, which follows the story of a Korean cyber-crime investigative unit. The rest of the cast all seem to be no exception to this shocked - yet impressed - reaction to the development of the plot.
In a media conference for 'Ghost' held at the SBS drama production center on Monday, So Ji Sub revealed that this is the first time he has played the role of a father. The actor said that he "knew that my character dies early on in the drama, but it was still shocking to watch the completed work. The most surprising part, though, was that I was the father of the child."
He added, "there were facts that even I did not know so I was surprised as well when they were revealed", and joked that "my ex-wife may make an appearance."
Other cast members also expressed their surprise at the "game-changing" development in 'Ghost'. Kwak Do Won said that he "found out So Ji Sub got married only through watching the episode" on TV and "realized when the child started crying and calling him his dad that this drama is one of those types of dramas."
Fellow cast member Lee Yeon Hee also said that "Woo Hyun (So Ji Sub's character) having a son is the most shocking part to me". In the miniseries her character Gang Mi secretly admires Woo Hyun; the actress claimed that she is checking whether her character knew this about Woo Hyun prior to liking him, calling Gang Mi's feelings "questionable" for loving a divorced father.
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