Friday, June 29, 2012

[Article/Spoiler] "Ghost - Drama" Kwak Byeong-gyoo and So Ji-sub starts joint investigation

Rivals Kwak Byeong-gyoo and So Ji-sub have started joint investigations.
Kwon Hyeok-joo (Kwak Byeong-gyoo) and Kim Woo-hyeon (So Ji-sub) joined hands to solve the murder of chairman Nam Sang-won of CK Electronics on the ninth episode of the SBS drama "Ghost - Drama".
Kwon and Kim ran into each other at chairman Nam's house while investigating the case. They kept a distance from each other but Kwon's car had a flat tire so he said to ride along with Kim Woo-hyeon. Then suddenly, a desperate man's voice was heard from the radio saying, "Sekang is watching everyone" and decided to join investigations.
While analyzing the voice at the relevant broadcasting system, Woo-hyeon realized that was the voice of chairman Nam's driver and found a bug in the missing driver's home. There were bugs in the car and everywhere else related to Nam.
Nam's wife told him, "My husband wanted an autopsy when he died but every time he did something bad would happen like my daughter got into an accident so we had to conclude it as a natural death. We have been watched for a year".
When the culprits knew their bugs were caught they hurriedly moved to move the driver somewhere else and Kwon Hyeok-joo and Yoo Kang-mi followed them. The driver was held captive in a mental hospital. He found the ambulance they were in a arrested the kidnappers and asked the driver what he saw on the day Nam Sang-won was killed.
However, full of fear the driver said, "I didn't see anything. The police can't catch him. He will never be caught"
At the end of the episode, Kwon Hyeok-joo arrested Jo Jae-min (Lee Jae-yoon-I) and not Jo Hyeon-min (Eom Gi-joon) as the suspect of the Nam Sang-won murder and Jo Hyeon-min smiled a creepy smile as he watched Jo Jae-min being arrested.
Source : ( Anglais )/ hancinema

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