Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[Article] “Ghost”, Are The Crimes Accurate?

well i was curious abt that tooto be honest...
June 25, 2012

After the drama, which is about crimes involved around SNS and the cyber world, it has come to the attention of the viewers of how accurate their portrayal is in real life.
The information "Ghost" provides is very close to what happens in real life and even the police department agrees. Kim Jin Hwan, a detective of Cyber Terror Response Center(CTRC) and currently working as a consultant and an advisor for the drama said, "There are some exaggerations for it being a drama but it is amazing how closely crimes have been portrayed to truths."
He also said, "I doubted at first if this drama would be interesting enough but it was not a let down with the drama being fast paced and accurate, it creates excitement."
And when asked, the Korean Police Department said, "We still try to watch the drama every week even if we are busy. There are many movies and dramas about crime and the Police Department but there aren't any involving the CTRC so we are excited and cheering for the drama's success. And we are proud to be cyber police and thank the drama."
Credit : en.koreaportal  

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