Friday, June 8, 2012

[Article] MBLAQ’s G.O. was Touched by So Ji Sub’s Simple Comment


With SBS’ Ghost being his first acting project, MBLAQ’s G.O. probably felt a lot of pressure, but luckily for him, he had So Ji Sub’s sturdy backside to lean on. 

G.O. is currently acting in Ghost in the role of Lee Tae Gyun, a cyber crime investigator, alongside actor So Ji Sub. 

As an idol-turned-actor, G.O. said, “Of course it is a very difficult challenge, but every moment is enjoyable and I’m attracted to acting. Being able to create new relationships with actors during filming feels like I’m going on a trip to somewhere I haven’t been before.” 

G.O. shared a bit about how the other actors have been completely supportive towards him and shared words of encouragement. 

“Once, I was waiting for my scene until the early morning, and So Ji Sub came to me, put his arm on my shoulder and said, ‘It’s hard, right?’ That question came to me so affectionately and my heart immediately became warm.” 

To confirm the special bond that G.O. created with the actor, he posted a picture of the two on his Twitter on June 2. 

He wrote, “With Ji Sub hyung, whom I think is so cool even as a guy. Please look forward to next week’s Ghost!” 

Netizens, who saw the picture, commented, “Two handsome men met each other,” and “This picture is so warm.”

Photo Credit: SBS, G.O.’s Twitter

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