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[Article] 'Ghost' So Ji Sub Drawing Attention For "Eye Acting"

JUNE 16, 2012 

ctor So Ji Sub is making headlines with his eye-acting, saving himself from danger in the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Ghost' with his unique optical talents.
On the episode of 'Ghost' that aired on the 14th, So Ji Sub withstands the scrutinous interrogation of 'Mad Bull' detective Kwak Do Won, who suspects him of being Hades, and even softens his cyber investigative unit members with his unwavering, cool gaze, earning praise from viewers.
The episode focused on So Ji Sub's character Ki Young struggling to fight an international hacker group's DDos attack on the national power grid infrastructure. In order to prevent a nuclear reactor meltdown, Ki Young successfully employs his own anti-self-destruct program to stop the attack; however, his efforts also reveal that the program is the same one used by Hades, leading to his detainment by the police under suspicion of being the hacker.
During the investigation, Hyuk Joo, who has been dogging Ki Young/Woo Hyun's tail after noticing his suspicious behavior, presents the compelling evidence that Woo Hyun and Hades' computer passcodes are identical in order to argue that the person who appears to be Kim Woo Hyun is actually Park Ki Young. The police commissioner, along with Ki Young's fellow unit members, begin to suspect the truth by following Hyuk Joo's flawless logic; however, Ki Young coolly deflects the suspicion by freely admitting that "It was me who hacked Hades' laptop", turning the situation upside down.
Ki Young reveals that Woo Hyun and Ki Young were fellow cadets while in the police academy, and calmly explains the matching passcodes on the computers, saving himself from a seemingly inevitable danger of exposing himself through his own flawless logic and calm under pressure.
Viewers and Netizens have had quite a lot to say about So Ji Sub's charismatic eye-acting, calling it "very attractive", "totally immersing", and praising the show as "full of reversals and surprises".
The drama, with positive critiques for its solid storyline and charismatic acting by So Ji Sub, airs every Wednesday and Thursday.
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