Monday, June 4, 2012

[Article] So Ji Sub sexy in clothes

Haha cant agree more !!!

So Ji-sub is sexy even without taking anything off.
So Ji-sub who is currently taking on the role of Kim Woo-hyeon in the SBS drama "Ghost - Drama" as the main server of the cyber investigations team, is being noticed for his lean body recently.
So Ji-sub puts on a cold-hearted and charismatic face for his role in the drama and always wears monotone shirts with jackets. He shows off the elite detective image but is quite calm.
His shoulders, tall height and buff chest muscles can be seen through his clothed self.
Netizen's are crazy for the slight muscles he shows through his shirts and say, "They don't call him 'So ganji' for nothing", "His backline is awesome too", "His body was made by God" and more.
Some of the staff he works with say, "I was surprised at how his image never changed", "He is professional" and more.
Source : ( Korean )
Translation : Hancinema

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