Saturday, June 16, 2012

[Article/Spoiler] 'Ghost' So Ji Sub's Heroics Save The Day But Reveals Hades' Identity

So Ji Sub exposed the identity of Hades in preventing a nuclear reactor meltdown.
The latest episode of the SBS drama 'Ghost' that aired on the 14th features Kim Woo Hyun (played by So Ji Sub) blocking a hacker group's attack.
Taking advantage of the lack of manpower and attention that is focused on the DDos attack, the hacker group tries to take control of the national power grid system. A malicious code enters the system and cuts off power, causing the city to become paralyzed and creating the potential for a nuclear reactor meltdown.
Woo Hyun manages to block the virus, but the leader of the hacker group enters a self-destruct command into the automation system, meaning a complete meltdown would occur if the command goes through. Facing no alternatives, Woo Hyun uses the self-destruct prevention program he has, averting the disaster that would have ensued.
However, after his successful attempt, the Hades signature comes up on the computer screen, becoming the indisputable evidence that he is Hades. Kwon Hyuk Joo (Kwak Do Won) subsequently handcuffs him, turning Woo Hyun's heroic efforts into a potential downfall and leaving viewers wondering how Woo Hyun will overcome this danger.
Credit : en.koreaportal 

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