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[Article/Spoiler] "Ghost - Drama" So Ji-sub meets Eom Gi-joon in murder scene

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"Ghost - Drama" So Ji-sub reunited with Eom Gi-joon at the murder scene in the video.
On the eighth episode of the SBS drama "Ghost - Drama" on the 21st, Park Ki-yeong (Kim Woohyeon/ So Ji-sub) found the murder scene in the video that the dead actress Sin Hyo-jeong had.
Park Ki-yeong tried to force a kiss on Koo Yeon-joo and realized that she was lying to him and hacked her black box. He watched 3 days worth of black box tape with Yoo Kang-mi (Lee Yeon-hee) and started investigating the location Koo went to the most.
Koo worked out at a gym 3 days a week and sometimes went to the winebar on weekends. Park Ki-yeong focused on one other place.
Koo headed for a pension in the suburbs. Park tried to show his ID at the gate but the security already knew who Kim Woohyeon was and suspected him. Park walked into the pension and remembered the scene from the murder video and said out loud, "It was right here".
Jo Hyeon-min (Eom Gi-joon) showed up at that point and said, "We meet again Kim Woohyeon. What brings you here?" Park replied, "I was investigating a murder" then told himself, "Kim Woohyeon knew who the real criminal was and was into his plan. The criminal will approach Woo-hyeon".
Park didn't know that Jo Hyeon-min was the killer and Jo didn't know that Kim Woohyeon was Park Ki-yeong. Tension was brought to the scene where the two reunited a year after Jo Hyeon-min and Jo Woo-hyeon were at the same place.
Source : ( Anglais ) / Hancinema

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