Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lee Kichan (이기찬) - 01. 어떻게 (How) [Ghost OST]

Credit :  @ YT

Release Date: 2012-06-27
When the days grew longer, on a late evening
Without knowing, I think of you
For a long time, I stand still on that road with my eyes closed
And I draw out your face
I thought I wouldn’t feel anything
But without knowing, tears fall again
As I look to the sky, I call out your name
Which I miss so much
* How can I forget you?
How can I forget you as I live?
My heart is still only for you
Even if I die, to me, it’s only you
I lived as I pretended not to know
But each time I breathe, I think of you
I can’t do anything so
I call out your name, which I miss so much
* Repeat
Times without you all seem like lies
Even as day by day passes, I only think of you
How can I live without you?
How can I erase you?
My heart only looks for you
I miss you to the point of death
* Repeat
My love is only you alone

Credit : popgasa

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