Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So Ji-sub's ardent supporters show the world how to love

How much do you love your idol, So Ji-sub? Enough to dig deep into the pockets and pay for the advertisement wrap round the bus. For six months, the bus criss-crossed the country to promote the upcoming MBC show, which finally hits the small screen this Wednesday, 23 June.

Not content with this ground-breaking outpouring of devotion, the SJS's fans paid for a BBQ dinner and showered the production crew and cast with gifts when they were shooting in Wonju, about 140 km away from Seoul and scene of a battle during the Korean War.

oh my!! the power of the fans is so overwhelming ♥ such news makes the heart so warm, i wonder how did SJS feel when he knew about this??

thanx to shuky@soompi for the news ^^

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Sarvin16 said...

WOW! such a ardent news for Jisub & us! ^^
I can imagine his fair smile for this <33333