Saturday, June 5, 2010

51k updates : new pictures of the pappies

51k uploaded new pictures of the cutest puppies ive ever seen ♥ oh my!! im melting from their cuteness ^^ kiki is such sweet mom kkk id love to have one...

cr 51k

have u seen the yellow chiken in there ?? arex @3asian found out what is it :

17" Latex Rubber Chicken
The best "classic" rubber chicken ever! This dog toy is super squeaky and loud.
Guaranteed to be your dogs favorite toy!
Price: $6.99


Sarvin16 said...

WOW!!!!! dogs toy is .... is WONDERFUL!!! as jisub ^^

Sarvin16 said...

cham! ... is it really kiki in the top of left corner!? I think it isnt kiki's head!

Amal ^^ said...

Charming and cute Puppies ^^
How lucky is Sjs *_________*

Diana said...

So cute how Kiki and her babies are like the mascots for 51k Always enjoy new pics ^_^