Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Park Yong Ha

i dont know how am i supposed to blog about this..Park Yong Ha was So Ji Sub's long & dear friend..i dont understand how he came to this point..So Ji Sub must be devastated by this shocking the pix ive seen he couldnt stop himself from crying, it tears my heart...Yona was one of the best k-actors & Hallyu stars, he was to take the lead in a new drama, he had such a beautiful voice, he had a lot of albums/singles, he had just finished a tour in Japan lately & was to begin shooting for his drama, he was a young, talented & warm person...

I pray for his peace, im praying for Jisub to have strenght to go through this...

here are some news taken from dramabeans :

The evening prior to his death (29th), Park missed a meeting with drama producers for his upcoming project Love Song. His manager couldn’t get in contact with him.

Around 12:40 am, he was with his father, massaging his father’s legs. Park told him “I’m sorry” over and over. He then went into his room, where he was found in the morning.
In an interview last year while promoting his movieThe Scam, Park said, “I’ve suffered from insomnia for the last ten years. I’m rather sensitive. If something bothers me I can’t sleep until it’s resolved.” He added, “I’m envious of people who can sleep well. I think sleep is needed for good mental health.

More information taken from

Mr Park had been nursing his 62-year-old father and spent his last moments with him on Tuesday night, local media reported.

"I must be sick instead of you, father. I'm sorry, I'm sorry," a police statement quoted Mr Park as saying before his death.

Mr Park also told acquaintances earlier in the week that his work was "difficult and this kind of life is so hard", the report said.

So Ji Sub @ St. Mary's Hospital in Seoul.

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Nivras said...

such painful news!!! :(((((((((
poor young Park Yong Ha & poor Jisub
just can pray ...

Hind said...

praying for Yona
praying for Jisub

cant stop my tears *cry*

observer said...

Viewing SJS' photos feel the deep sorrow from his tearing expression. How sad to send off his dearest friend with broken heart. Can't help crying for their friendship. SJS Please take care. Don't blame yourself. Yong Ha will be always be with you. You will do even better and you will achieve more for the part that Yong Ha hasn't been able to. Gambatene! This remind me to pay more attention to the peopple we love.

anjle said...

its difficult to help a person who is depressed. and when someone does something like this you are left with a feeling of guilt. sjs must be feeling the same way. i feel so sad, things are never how they are supposed to be