Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So Ji Sub @ Giordano Shop

So Ji Sub was spotted paying a visit to a Giordano shop, not sure yet why but dont worry ill find out kkk he was wearing an addidas sportwear, in a hiphop style , love the colour on him, the bag, the watch, the sunglasses, the white sneakers, the white socks, ♥ the cap ♥ *drolling mode on*
drool ladies kkk

thanx to credit


khin said...

Hey my chingu,
Just drop by and say hello and thanks for the all updates. It isn't he so sexy with Addidas ? I miss him though.

Amal ^^ said...

Funny to shop in the same place that U pics are hanging on the wall ^___________^...
His Phone so adorable with 51K as back cover ..

Sarvin16 said...

Oh ... again this sunglasses! ^^ he is really bonny with it ♥ and white Tshirt ♥
I forgot to say CONGRATULATION to Amal ^^ as a lucky winner *DROOL* ... pls take lots of photoes and videos for us, ok? ^^

Amal ^^ said...

Thanx " Sarvin16 " ^^
Do not worry I Will take million of Pics & videos ^^ ....

Hind said...

my chingu ^^ thanx for deopping by, nice seeing u'r back from ur trip ^^ miss u ^^

Sarvin dear , u & i have the same weak points kkk

Amal dear we'll be waiting ^^