Thursday, June 3, 2010

Road Number One OST updates

we're all nervously waiting for the drama Road Number One right ??? & with each drama comes the OST *jump with joy* i love kdrama OSTs, always the best choices for me kkk anyway while checking & browsing , i found out about RN1 OST , so guess who'll be the singers for this upcoming 1st OST??? mmmmm there will be Wheesung, Fanny (FT Island), Baek Ji Young & there's some rumors that Yoon Kye Sang will sing as well ^^

i personnally love all of these singers : Fanny has a splendid voice, Wheesung is a very talented singer & Baek has a beautiful voice as well, still have her 'eye candy' song in the mind ( alongside the hottness of Tac kkkk )


Amal ^^ said...

Hi Hind ^^
I want to ask U a favor can U translat to me the last post that 51k made for the winners of production conferece forgein Plz ^^

Hind said...

Amal dear id love to but i cant access 51k from 2 days :( can u send me the post u want to translate into my soompi inbox??

Amal ^^ said...

Its Ok sweety I already got the translat ^^
Thanx anyway ^^ ...
Take Care have a nice Day ^___________^