Tuesday, June 1, 2010

51k new pictures 29-05-2010

sorry gals for the delay in translations & updates, i missed so much these last days, my computer couldnt take it anymore, a lot of hottness isnt good for it kkkk thanx to all for the comments & reactions & visits ^^ will fill in the delays right now ^^

last saturday 29, we were blessed by new pix from 51k , oh how i love these surprise pix Ji sub is giving us ♥♥♥ & the words he uses to describe them ^^

1- 51k

2- ^-^

3- I am here

4- Baby

5- Reading
credit 51k


Sarvin16 said...

Hi Hind ... miss u so much *HUG*
hope u & your pc be healthy! ^^
I love his HOMELY photoes on 51k ... SIMPLEX & out of duplicity ♥♥♥

Amal ^^ said...

Hello Hind ^^
Hope U doing fine ^^ I was wondering about U its been a while haa ^^ The Pics looks wonderful and Sjs seem healthy and doing just fine ^____^
Have a nice Day .....

Hind said...

Sarvin , Amal dearies *group hug* im alright as well as my pc ^^ missed being here ^^

i love seeing him so relaxed & taking pix of himself for us kkk

Diana said...

SJS AND puppies..ah I cant take it! lol