Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[Love letter] Finished the last shot of Road Number One

 We have another Love letter from So Ji Sub dated on the 13th June @ 23:48:20 ^^

로드넘버원 마지막 촬영을 마쳤습니다.

지금은 아무 생각이 안 나네요.

큰 사고가 없어서 다행이란 생각 뿐…

더 시간이 지나면 실감이 나겠죠. ^^;;;

6개월 동안 배우들과 스탭들이 하나가 되어

힘들었던 시간도, 위험했던 시간도, 즐거웠던 시간도,

장우가 슬퍼서 눈물 났던 시간도,

모두 그리워지겠죠.

이제 곧 여러분과 함께 이장우를 만날 생각을 하니

기대되고, 무척 설렙니다.


이토록 좋은 작품을 만날 수 있었던 것도,

사랑하는 연기를 계속 할 수 있는 것도,

늘 같은 자리에서 응원해주는 여러분 덕분이라고 생각 합니다.


credit 51k.co.kr

Tranlation by Hind.

i tried to translate So Ji Sub words, i still do hesitate to work on his words, hope i did a somewhat understandable translation.

the last shot of Road Number one has been completed.

Now , i dont really think about it.

Fortunately, i did not have a big accident.

One realizes his good luck when time passes by ^^

i've lived 6 months as one of the actors & staff

we had difficult time, dangerous time , fun time

sad time with shading tears

I will miss all.

The thought of meeting with you very soon

im looking forwad to, my heart is very excited

i could experience such a good work 

i continue to love acting

thank you for your support & belief.

So Ji Sub

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Sarvin16 said...

thanks thanks thanks Hindddddd *HUG*
each personal message of him made me insane!
so charming Jisub ... I love his excited heart ^^