Monday, June 7, 2010

So Ji Sub @Japanese magazine 06-2010

some pix shared by dearest coco@soompi, thanx to the credit ^^
love the first one in black & white ♥♥♥ the pix were taken from a japanese magazine for June's issue .. the pix were taken inside 51k ^^


Amal ^^ said...

WoOOOooow ^_______________^
What else we Can say right ^^ ..

Sarvin16 said...

OMOOO!! his eyes ... HIS EYES!! *FAINT*
you know my heart is weak ^^

Hind said...

@ dear Amal : yes dear no need to comment ^^

@ dear Sarvin : hehe sorry dear, nest time ill put a big warbing before i post such hottness kkk