Thursday, December 30, 2010

Road No.1 Promotion event : More pix

Im back ^^ well it's not that i was travelling or something, i was just fangirling the past 2 somewhat 'matured' So Ji Sub addiction was a bit overflowed by my fangirling for the chic idols MBLAQ *shy* yes well you cant really imagine this grown up girl doing this but i did kekeke i also need my MBLAQ dosage from time to time kekeke
that said, back to business ^^

im posting some new pix from the RN1 promotion event Jisub had in Japan for Wowow tv , the first pix can be found in :  Here 

Huge thanx to dearest Coco @ SJS soompi thread ^^

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Nivras said...

funnyyy :))
... but I can't be saturated about Jisub , I'm very hungry these days! :))
waiting for SBS drama awards ^^