Friday, December 3, 2010

[Article] SECRET reveals their inner fan girl for So Ji Sub

mmm another fangirls for Jisub, i still have in mind Han Hyo Joo's reaction when she revealed with whom she wanted to go on a vacation with & one of 'Orange Caramel' girls who showed her fangirlism for Jisub in 'Happy Together' some time ago & now it's Secret ...a lot of competition onboard kekeke


[Article] SECRET reveals their inner fan girl for So Ji Sub

During a recent recording of ‘God of Food Road’, SECRET was given the opportunity to call up their favorite Hallyu star, So Ji Sub.

On the variety show, the girls revealed to the show’s MCs that their ideal man was So Ji Sub. MC Jung Jun Ha then whipped out his phone and began to call the actor.

Zinger could hardly conceal her excitement – it was beyond belief that she was about to have a ‘phone date’ with her idol! She bubbled, “Is this really So Ji Sub?? Oh my goodness, to think something like this is happening to me, I even collect your books. I’m so happy I got this lucky!”

When Zinger asked the actor, “Do you know SECRET?”, So Ji Sub replied, “I know the songs ‘Magic‘ and ‘Madonna‘. I’m a SECRET fan.” Immediately, the girls got up and sang the ‘Magic’ song, happily concluding their conversation.

Pretty awesome to see that these girls are down-to-earth and can fangirl over an idol just like the rest of us!

Source: Newsen via Nate, allkpop

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