Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[Fan pix/Account] So Ji Sub 'Hallyu Tourism Train' -II-

Our dear Saturn posted her fanaccount on SJS Soompi thread, she's been with Jisub on the 25th & sooooo close as well ^^ so lucky ande?? ^^ thanx soooo much dearest Saturn ^^
Dec.25 Tourisom train with Jisub
8:30am, Jisub came to Seoul station to say good morning to fans.
He didn't go by train, but his car.

 11am At the opening ceremony in Chuncheon station

 Buses for touring the Chon cheon area.

Jisub got in the bus and handed cookie to all people.

such a lovely gesture from Jisub ^^

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khin said...

Oh... I'm so envious those fans received cookies from our man... I won't eat them. Lucky, lucky fans and I will take that train on next time...
He looks so gorgeous, thanks dear chingu.