Thursday, December 16, 2010

So Ji Sub in Hessian

in August 2009, So Ji Sub & his hyung Song Seung Hun were appointed game ambassadors for online gaming Portal HESSIAN. Here are some pix from the event held by the portal :

Both Jisub & SSH recorded a video to be shown in the event

& here's Jisub's part ^^
credit Baidu

We almost forgot about this until Charlesriver @SJS soompi thread posted some links to Hessian with new pix shared by April from SJS forum in Taiwan
so let's check out the hotness ^^ caps credited to our friends @ Baidu ^^ huge thanx to all ^^
click to enlarge ^^

credit Baidu

& if you're curious about this kind of games, here's a video from youtube, thanx to uploader

so what do you think????


Nivras said...

which one is exactly SJS? I can't recognize! ^^

Hind said...

@ Nivras?? you mean in the vid?? he's not in there ^^