Thursday, December 9, 2010

[51k - Love letter] 08 december 2010

잠시 동심의 세계로...^^



Translation by Hind


in the world of innocence for a while


So Ji Sub

P.S : im always dreading to translate Jisub's words, i dont want to miss any word of his in his love lettres to us that's why it always takes me a long time till i do not good at korean, it's a tough language but i try..plz if ther's any wrong translation it's mine *shy face* & plz do correct me ^^

i love the playfulness Jisub is showing in the pic ^^ dont we see ourselves right there in front of him in the snow?? not all of us at once hehe & dont you imagine the playfulness in his eyes?? & the shy smile he'll have afterward?? *sigh*

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