Thursday, December 9, 2010

{51k] New pix 08/12

Jisub shared with us more pix today (08 December).. the first 3 ones seem to be from a photoshoot..what photoshoot could they be??? *sigh*
the last 2 ones are from the day he was sheering for Incheon 2014 Asia games, he's wearing the same outfit & the same cap ^^ *smart face* lol

credit 51k


Lola said...

Can I help you out a bit? :)

The word is "cheering", not "sheering". The "ch" sound is like in "cheese", "church", "chin". The "sh" sound is like in "shirt", "sheep", "show".

And the photos are GORGEOUS. Thank you for them!

Hind said...

@ Lola : dear thanx ^^ im always mixing up words & sounds & letters when im happy/excited/overflowded with emotions haha thanx again dear ^^