Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[Video] So Ji Sub on the phone with "Secret"

the girlband 'Secret' lastly showed their fangirliss for Jisub, ive already posted about it in Here & im putting on the video as well..you must see it, the girls are jumping & fangirling like we all do haha oh my!! such a dream for us to have a conversation with Jisub by phone ^^

we all know that Junha is one of Jisub's close friends, he's hosting a variety program called : ‘God of Food Road’ & when Secret members said they liked So Ji Sub, Junha immediatley took his phone & called him ^^

(Call is connected ~)
Junha: What are you doing now?
Jisub: I am now at home
Junha: do you know "Secret" ?
Jisub: I know ! I love them
Cheng: which member of "Secret" do you like?
Zinger: Is it really SJS ? (Suspectious)
Cheng: Do you remember we said that we like you in The Film Festival ?
Jisub: Of course

(Introduced in the presence of other host ~)
Junha: Jin Shenying said on the show .. if you like .. she would wear a bikini in the program
Jisub: Do people want to see it?
Kim: It'll be just enough if you see oppa
( Zinger took the phone ~)
Zinger: Is it true you're SJS?
Zinger: im Zinger of Secret .. do you still remember me?
Jisub : Of course I remember
zinger: Im totally totally totally your fan
Jisub: I am also your fan
Secret: Do you know our songs?
Jisub: Of course I know ... magic
Secret: (soon to sing some magic)
Secret: Zinger she really likes you .. and now she has been nervous to say anything really thank you ..
(Phone back to Junha ~)
Junha: You know it? SJS has recently published a book
Zinger: (soon) I have to buy
Jisub: Thank you,
Junha: .. Jin Shenying also want to tell you the last word
Kim: Hi I am also your fan ..
Jisub: Thank you,
Kim: If you like the show, then I will wear a bikini ..
Jisub: (smile ~)

thanks to April @forum.sojisub.tw/Sarvin@SJS soompi thread

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Nivras said...

it was funnnnnnnnny :))))
I liked it very much ^_____^
hi dear Hind ... how are you doing? long time no see! ^^