Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[Fan Account] So Ji Sub in Thailand 16 -19 June 2011 -2-

here's another post for Jisub's visit to Thailand from 16 to 19 june 2011, shared by dear Sonicklism@SJS soompi thread, u can check the previous post in Here ^^
huge thanx to Sonicklism ^^


SoJisub in Thailand - - Sheraton Hotel, June17,2011
Jisub gave autograph without rush. Re-post this clip for better story telling.

After Jisub gave autograph to Thai fan, he went back to the lobby and waved back to us.
A minute later he walked outside and waved to us again (but not cought on the clip) then got on the van to another filming location.

Talking and giving souvenir to Jisub's manager, Song Hwan Kim.

omo!! these pix were so close to jisub , im sooo jealous ^^ thanks again to our dear Thai fans for sharing their encounter with us ^^ i guess Jisub eyes were tired that's why he didnt take off his shades, im not complaining though, i love him with shades, ive already made a vid of him with shades kkk
oh & what can i say about our dear manager Song Hwan Kim?? he's tall & so handsome..ive noticed his kindness toward Jisub fans , he needs a fan club of his own kkkk

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