Saturday, July 2, 2011


Omo!! how did i ever forgot about about YSH's press conference??? anyway the PC was held on the last 29th June & the cutie-turning-to-be-manly Seungho is looking gooooooood, oh the boy is no longer a gonna definitely watch this one, i tried to watch his latest drama "Flames of ambition" but its lenght drove me away, but dear Seunghoya i promise, i solely promise ill watch it this new drama, ive read somewhere that he was given the leading role but he decided on the second male lead character...
im Quoting Drambeans in here : "Yoo Seung-ho will play Yeo-woon, a core member of the secret organization, an assassin who’s a master of swordsmanship, archery, horseback riding, and martial arts". Javabeans said it all in that article, mainly expressing my own thoughts ^^ so SURELY im gonna  watch this one ^^ just checking the following poster & stills make me giggle with anticipation ^^

Credit SBS/Baidu


Regina said...

i'm curious why you posting about YSH? because he's little SJS?

Hind said...

kkkk yes because he is ^^ he's a Jisub fan boy ^^